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4.0 fighting tiger

fighting tiger is a smart parking robot system independently developed by shanxi oriental material handling co., ltd. to solve urban parking difficulties. it uses parking robot (agv) as the carrier and realizes automatic access vehicle through intelligent agv present, fighting tiger 4.0 runs stably and reliably and has been widely used.

laser navigation system, can accurate positioning itself, precision of / - 5 mm, achieve precision operation

the vehicle-mounted shock absorption and balance system ensures the agv to be lifted, handled, rotated and lowered smoothly on the uneven road.

the vehicle obstacle sensor can scan and detect 360° panorama of the travel path to ensure the safe operation of the agv.

lithium battery power supply, long life time;equipped with high-end brand steering wheel, reliable and stable operation;

it does not need the attached facilities such as the parking lot and car board, and works directly with the plane parking lot without any transformation, which reduces the investment cost, improves the operating efficiency, and has good user experience and high benefit of the parking lot.

fighting tiger 4.0 system can also dynamically optimize the parking location of vehicles according to the needs of the parking lot, increase the number of parking spaces, and improve the parking efficiency.

◆ benefit comparison of single car space: the size of the common standard parking space is about 15m2, and the use of fighting tiger parking space can save about 15% of the land space.the minimum longitudinal space of traditional parking spaces is 0.7m, the minimum horizontal space is 0.8m, and the minimum column space is 0.3m. the parking accuracy of fighting tiger is high, and the safety distance between the parking space and the traditional parking space is reduced by 60%, so the parking lot is fully utilized.

◆ comparison of benefits of parking lot: compared with traditional self-propelled parking lot, the number of parking spaces can be increased by 35% by using fighting tiger parking lot system.for multi-storey parking lots of the same area, the number of parking spaces increased by 70% compared with traditional parking spaces.

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