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strong and strong joint | omh and yuanlian technology have reached strategic cooperation to jointly promote the digital and intelligent upgrading of chinese
date of issue:2021-09-06

omh september 6 announcement: omh science group co.,ltd. ("omh") recently signed a "strategic cooperation agreement" with yuanlian technology co., ltd. ("yuanlian technology") to mutual benefit, win-win cooperation as the principle, to jointly help china's intelligent manufacturing digital capacity as the goal. omh vice chairman mr. lin wanhuan and yuanlian technology chairman mr. ye sihai attended the signing ceremony and signed the contract on the spot.

omh has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial automation for many years, is committed to the integration of intelligent factory information systems and intelligent equipment, its intelligent logistics delivery system, intelligent logistics storage system, intelligent coating system in the industrial automation system integration and implementation services have advantages, with software system design and development and core equipment manufacturing capabilities, can provide customers with a full set of solutions from design, manufacturing, installation, to commissioning. omh in the automotive, new energy power cells, solar photovoltaics, alcohol, food and beverage, medicine and other manufacturing fields have accumulated a large number of industry quality customers.

yuanlian technology in the field of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, industrial internet has a technological advantage, through the core product industrial rubik's cube to help manufacturers low-cost, fast and efficient deployment of industrial internet infrastructure, build digital twins, digital operations centers, intelligent field logistics and other application scenarios, through the collaborative production line of various types of intelligent equipment, full-featured data collection and real-time feedback, process-driven into data-driven, accelerate the digital and intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. agile manufacturing and quality management are ultimately achieved.

this strategic cooperation, omh and yuanlian technology will fully integrate their respective advantages in "hardware" and "software", "automation" and "digital" to create value for customers as the center, fully tap the pain point of the intelligent manufacturing industry, in information technology and industrial scene application side combination, industrial big data analysis, enterprise digitalization and intelligent upgrading and other aspects of all-round cooperation, and gradually establish an intelligent, open, collaborative intelligent manufacturing ecosystem based on automation technology and internet technology.

yuanlian technology

yuanlian technology is a domestic intelligent manufacturing fusion infrastructure provider, providing factory digitalization, intelligent manufacturing of the fusion infrastructure "yuanlian industrial rubik's cube", fast and low-cost manufacturing enterprises into the digital new world. the core technical team is composed of more than 20 years of intelligent material association, cloud computing, big data, network security and lean production experience of experts, the company by virtue of excellent research and development strength, has been the national high-tech enterprise certification and double soft identification. up to now, has successfully implemented 6 major industry solutions: food, chemical, medical, building materials, machine plus, electronics, with a wealth of industry applications, really drive the digital upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

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